How my story is about you, and 3 invaluable lessons from being face-down in the arena.

Although I don’t know you yet, if you’ve come this far, I know you’re something of a rule breaker and a change-maker.

I’m betting on the fact you’ve met with a ton of resistance, braved your fears, stood up to a lack of confidence, learned to trust your gut, and you’ve boldly gone into the Fire Swamp of uncertainty to encounter the *R.O.U.S’s.

(*if I lost you on the the Princess Bride allusion we really should talk).

Hi, my name is Tarini.

Once a sales exec for a rad company that was a grassroots, change-the-world bunch, and a band of hooligans who had more fun than was legal (and to each our surprise we got shit done, and changed our world a little).


Like you, I’ve been a passionate change-maker, a rule breaker, and braved the Fire Swamp, too!

I learned plenty during my years as a sales manager for that grassroots mission-driven company, but the humongous lesson of them all was how to sell a radical new idea amid entrenched old ones, and inspire others to make a positive change!

This was like seeing a unicorn: Once you’ve seen one, you can’t unsee it!

Thirteen years later, and the inevitable happened… a humongous company bought the little piece of coal we turned into a sparkling diamond.

Two things happened next.