The Rest of the Story

I exited, shit got real, I lost my crystal ball of purpose, went looking for it, took a “header” (or two), landed face-down in the arena (thank you Brené Brown), I got up, dusted off, and for the love of Pete, if the crystal ball hadn’t split to be with the Unicorns!

3 lessons I learned from being face-down in the arena.

(*Disclaimer: this is not a brilliant news flash…sorry).

1: The power of One: DO that one thing you love…your jam…and crush it!

Life really is short, so do that one thing you love and do it remarkably well. Also, as Oscar Wilde said; “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

2: Surrender, and serve (something greater than Yourself)

...this is when the real magic happens!

3: It’s all about you


When you do your thing remarkably well, and I help you hone your message and find your voice… then sit back and watch you boldly go where others won't and get crazy results… we both lead lives of lasting significance.

It's your move.